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Life Insurance

Life insurance whether paid for by the employer or employee is an integral part of a well rounded employee benefits plan.  We will work with you to offer appropriate life insurance coverage to your employees at competitive rates.

Group Life insurance coverage is easy to obtain and certain amounts are guaranteed issue, meaning that there is no medical underwriting.

Medical Insurance

Medical coverage has become increasingly complex both in benefit plan design and the way in which coverage is funded.  Besides the wide array of benefit plans carriers now offer, there are many different methods of funding the premium including fully insured, level funded and self insured. Not all benefits or funding mechanisms are appropriate for every employer.  We will work with you to determine the best plan design at the best pricing.

Prescription Insurance

Most medical insurance carriers bundle the prescription drug plan with in the medical coverage.  However some companies will allow you to purchase a free standing prescription drug plan.  We work with several freestanding vendors that offer highly competitive prescription offerings.

Dental Insurance

We can provide you with dental quotes that utilize local and national PPO providers as well as dental DHMO quotes which tend to be less expensive but more restrictive .

Vision Insurance

We are finding that more and more employers offer vision coverage in order to round out a full suite of health insurance benefits for their employers. This coverage can be employer paid, employee paid or a combination of both.  Vision can be an inexpensive offering that provides a high satisfaction level to your employees

Voluntary Products

As medical insurance becomes more and more expensive many employers are rolling out voluntary products to back fill gaps in the medical plan. These products can include voluntary accident coverage, critical illness coverage, and hospital indemnity gap coverage.  At CHB Group we can help you roll out these coverages to your employees in a way that they will understand exactly what the coverage is and what they’re getting for their contribution.  These coverages are very affordable and have been well received by our clients.


Disability is a critical Benefit for employees. Everyone remembers to insure their home and their car but insuring the ability to earn a living is the significant. Short term disability and long term disability can be offered on an employee pay all basis, an employer pay all basis or a split contribution basis.  We can offer benefits that are a percentage of salary or if the employee is paying the entire amount, a dollar amount of coverage based on what is affordable to the employee.  This coverage is very affordable and a critical component of an employee’s financial well-being.

Ancillary Products & Services

Ancillary products can include such benefits as virtual doctor visits (TeleDoc), identity theft protection and  prepaid legal services.