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Whether you are an existing client or a new or perspective client, we work closely with you to ensure that your Employee Benefits Program works for you. Please choose a service below to learn more.

Employee Assistance

We encourage you to have your employees call us directly.  We can help your employees with:
Benefit Questions or Concerns
Billing or Claim Issues
Obtaining Replacement ID Cards
Enrollment Issues
Finding a Provider
This saves you time and alleviates HIPAA privacy concerns and obligations.
Our Toll-free number is 1-877-572-9034

Benefits Manager – Two Portals depending on your preference:


Allows you and your employee’s password protected access to your employee benefit information and plans 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All you need is internet access to logon to the Benefits Portal.

This site is custom produced for you with the employee benefit information that you feel is most important to your employees. Only the information you approve will go on this site. We can include eligibility requirements, contribution amounts, benefit highlight sheets and links to various insurance companies’ websites for provider directories and forms. We can incorporate multiple passwords to accommodate different plan designs for different classes of employees. Call us for a login to our sample site at 1-877-572-9034 or 856-424-9744


We offer the ability to allow your employees to enroll in all of their benefits on line through a computer or smart phone.  This alleviates paperwork for you and streamlines the enrollment process.  This includes annual Open Enrollment, new hire enrollment as well as access by existing employees to their elected benefits.  Plan Summaries, contributions and other required documents are included.

Nothing in Benefits Manager is meant to take the place of the personal touch that has made CHB Group the successful company that it is today. Rather, the Benefits Manager Portals are available as enhancements to your employee benefits package providing your employees access to information they need when they want it. We still encourage you to have your employees contact us directly with questions regarding their benefits, eligibility, claim issues etc.

Claims Assistance

If your employees are spending hours on the phone working on claim problems, they’re not performing the job you hired them for!  We provide a toll free number for your employees to call us with their claim issues. We are used to dealing with providers, billing services, collection agencies and insurance companies.  Our experienced staff will work with your employees to get the information we need so we can resolve the issue with minimal time involved by you or your employee.

Online Eligibility Service

Once the carriers and plans are chosen, we work with the carriers to provide the necessary enrollment assistance. We conduct Employee Meetings at your convenience and work with the employees to make sure the enrollment forms are filled out correctly so initial processing is quick, efficient and accurate, if you do not use our on line enrollment program.

On an ongoing basis, we process eligibility online for all insurance carriers that provide internet enrollment access. The rest are handled via fax. We follow up with the insurance companies to make sure the change goes through.

If you have multiple carriers, we can design a Universal Form which incorporates all your enrollment information on one convenient form. [Not available for all size groups]

Billing Assistance

Since we handle all the eligibility changes we can typically resolve any billing issues that may arise with minimal involvement from our clients.

Initial and Renewal Marketing

If you are a new or prospective client, we meet with you to discuss your current and future goals and we perform an extensive review of your existing employee benefit plans. This enables us to put together a proposal that meets your company’s financial needs as well as the needs of your employees.

For our current clients, we perform an annual plan review and market analysis. In this quickly changing marketplace, this is the only way to ensure that you are getting the best package for the best price. Prior to your renewal, we will meet with you to discuss your expectations for the future as well as your options.

We put together a comprehensive RFP (Request for Proposal) that gives the competing insurance carriers the information needed to provide us with competitive quotes. We do not limit where we send the RFP, we request quotes from every available carrier that can meet your objectives.

We prepare a concise, easy to read proposal which provides you with all of the appropriate alternatives from each carrier as well as a list of carriers that declined to provide a quote.

When implementing a new plan, our staff will explain the benefits to your employees as well as prepare communication materials.

Production of Employee Communication Material

If your employees don’t understand their coverage, they will be dissatisfied no matter what employee benefit plans you provide. While most insurance companies have standard Benefit Highlight Sheets that they produce for each plan they offer, these sheets may not quite meet your needs. So we work with you to come up with short, concise Employee Communication pieces to help your employees understand their benefits. This may mean a comparison between your old and new plan, payroll stuffers, a FAQ segment regarding a specific issue or a comparison of plans along with necessary contributions.

COBRA Compliance

Assistance with COBRA compliance through a separate COBRA Administrator

Section 125 Compliance Assistance

Assistance setting up Section 125 Premium Only Plan including the Salary Reduction Agreement

Employee Surveys

Every employer is different, so part of designing an employee benefits package that is of value to your employees is making sure you know what they really want. We can custom produce Employee Surveys specifically for your employee base as a way of determining your employees’ satisfaction with their existing plan as well as their wishes and concerns for their future plan.  We will use this information in conjunction with your company’s goals to design a program that best meets everyone’s needs.

Dependent Audits

Includes reaching out to all employees with dependents and requesting confirmation of dependents as well as documentation, birth certificates, marriage certificates, proof of common residency.  All information is scanned and housed in a secure, encrypted drive.